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Data-driven, results-oriented leader with a skillset across product and growth. Significant experience in launching Zero-to-One products and operating at scale with active user bases in the multi-millions. Passionate about coaching and mentoring, grown through a background in professional sport that only succeeds through teamwork.

My role is to help organizations solve problems with their product strategy, team, culture, processes, or any combination of the above.

Product Strategy

I’ve lead a variety of teams at various organizations that are looking to grow in existing markets or launch new ones. Setting a good strategy and getting a team to align to it is one of the most critical aspects of a successful team.


Growth can mean a variety of things, but for me, it’s grounded in a scientific mindset, which means forming a hypothesis and running experiments to validate. Beyond the high-minded version, I’ve lead record-breaking marketing teams that run all the ‘growth marketing’ channels

Process and Culture

Many companies focus on process without a good strategy, but once the foundation is established, getting teams to run effectively and efficiently is critical. A good process and culture is founded on a high trust environment.

Want to see some examples of my work?

Below are a few links to my most recent work

My team launched Mailchimp Stores, which created the first new revenue stream and was key in the $12B acquisition. We also launched the Mailchimp websites product and an editor that powers websites and emails from Mailchimp

While I’ve worked on a number of two-sided marketplaces, one of my favorite launches was the launch of Mailchimp’s Marketplace, where SMBs can find a variety of apps and templates to grow their business

Most recently, I’ve focused on bringing dynamic pricing to short-term rental hosts and owners. Leveraging billions of data-points, we have automatic demand-based pricing.


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